How to Play Andar Bahar

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Number of exciting side bets

Andar Bahar is one of India’s favourite gambling games, and you can join the action in this classic game of chance right now.

Several game providers are offering live Andar Bahar, and this is the place to learn all the gameplay, rules and payouts before trying the game yourself.

So read on for Gambling Crypt’s guide to Andar Bahar or if you already know the game, then claim smoking hot bonus offers below and go and play!

Top Andar Bahar Crypto Casinos 2023

Andar Bahar is available at many crypto casinos, which means you can deposit and play in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many more coins.

This guide will discuss Pragmatic Play’s live Andar Bahar offering. The gameplay and the rules are the same as other providers, but please note some side bets may not be available with everyone, and payouts may differ slightly.

Andar Bahar takes place in an Indian-themed setting with a dealer behind a large table. On the table are two positions marked Andar and Bahar.

The game uses just one deck of regular playing cards. The dealer will first deal one card, called the Joker. This is put face up on the table. The aim of the game is then to bet on which position a card of equal value will be dealt to first, Andar or Bahar.

For example, the Joker card is a 7 (suits do not matter in the main Andar Bahar game). You need to decide what position will another 7 be dealt to first.

The dealer starts dealing to the Andar position, then Bahar and so on until a card of matching value to the Joker has been dealt. 

The game ends, winning bets are paid, and a new game round begins. 

It really is that simple. The excitement builds with every turn of the card, with many side bets aside from the main Andar and Bahar bets adding extra depth.

Side bets

These are the most common side bets available for Andar Bahar. 

Straight flush – a bet on the first three cards dealt making a straight flush, three cards in consecutive order of the same suit.

Straight –  a bet on the first three cards dealt making a straight, three cards in consecutive order. 

Flush – a bet on the first three cards dealt being all of the same suit. 

1st on Andar – a bet that the first card dealt on Andar will match the Joker card. 

1st on Bahar – a bet that the first card dealt on Bahar will match the Joker card. 

How many cards will be dealt? – how many cards will be dealt before the matching card is found.


These are the standard Andar Bahar payouts available online.

Andar 0.9/1
Bahar 1/1
Straight flush120/1
Straight 8/1
1st on Andar 15/1
1st on Bahar15.5/1
How many cards will be dealt?

Examples: You have a winning 50 XRP bet on Bahar, and it wins. You receive 100 XRP returns – 50 XRP winnings, plus the 50 XRP stake.

You have a winning 50 XRP bet on the Flush bet. You receive 300 XRP returns – 250 XRP winnings, plus the 50 XRP stake.

Andar Bahar RTP

Andar Bahar has a variable RTP, depending on what bets you are making. The main bets Andar and Bahar have RTPs of 97.84% and 97.01%, respectively – lower than other similar games like Fan Tan but higher than Dragon Tiger.

Andar first or Bahar first have poor RTPs of only 94.13% and 93.14%. They should be passed over. 

The lowest RTPs in Andar Bahar can be found on the straight flush, straight and flush bets. A straight has an RTP of just 80.45% – a house edge of nearly 20% – with the other two bets having a house edge of 8.68% and 14.88%.

The best bet is in the ‘how many cards will be dealt?’ section. 16-25 cards dealt has a 98.10% RTP – the highest in the whole game.

Andar Bahar strategy

It’s possible to see a hand history so you can view how often Andar and Bahar have won over the last 50 hands. That will be popular with trends bettors but remember that every hand dealt is random, and what happened previously has no bearing on what will happen next.

The best Andar Bahar strategy is to avoid the three ‘first three cards dealt’ bets. Neither the straight flush, straight or flush bet pay anywhere near the true odds, and you are just handing the casino your money.

If you want to place bets on just Andar or Bahar, Andar has a slightly lower house edge, so it should be your default bet, although it also has the lowest payout.

Betting on 16-25 cards being dealt offers the highest RTP in the game, so naturally, it’s a bet worth concentrating on.

Best Andar Bahar crypto casinos

Andar Bahar was brought to market to cater for the growing number of Indian and Indian continent casino players. Three of the leading live casino game providers – Pragmatic Play, Ezugi and BetGames – host live Andar Bahar. 

Play at any crypto casino hosting those game studios, and you will find Andar Bahar readily available. 

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Andar Bahar Frequently Asked Questions

Andar Bahar is a simple Indian game of chance played with a regular deck of playing cards. Once the Joker card is dealt, the objective is to predict which position – Andar or Bahar – a card of the same value as the Joker will be dealt first. There are also a number of side bets available at online casinos.

Andar Bahar is a game of luck. There is no skill and no way you can gain an edge over the casino. However, there are specific bets you can make which offer the highest RTP to the player, and there are bets to avoid. Betting on how many cards will be dealt at 16-25 delivers the highest RTP in the game. Avoid betting on the three main side bets – straight flush, straight and flush – as the house edge is huge on these.

Yes. Andar Bahar might originate from India, but online live versions that use English-speaking dealers include Ezugi and Pragmatic Play. Playtech is an example of a provider that offers the game with Hindi-language dealers.