How to Play Bac Bo

★ New game from leading provider Evolution     

★ High Return to Player of 98.87%    

Interesting alternative to Dragon Tiger and Football Studio

Bac Bo is an exciting alternative to Dragon Tiger and Football Studio, blending elements of baccarat with Sic Bo to create a unique game.

Bac Bo was only released at the start of 2022, so you may not be familiar with how it works.

Have no worries; Gambling Crypt’s guide to Bac Bo will teach you all the gameplays, rules, payouts, and the game’s RTP.

Read on for more information or dive straight into the action at crypto casinos below!

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Bac Bo gameplay

Bac Bo is a live casino game from top provider Evolution and the gameplay is essentially a blend of baccarat, Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo. It takes the ‘Bac’ from baccarat and the ‘Bo’ from Sic Bo to form its name.  

It’s played on a large table with four cups – two in the Banker position and two in the Player position. Each cup has two dice inside, and the aim of Bac Bo is to bet on which position will have a higher total once the dice have stopped moving.

Play Bac Bo

Players can also bet on the tie, which offers different payouts depending on the tie total. 

Once bets have been placed, the cups shake for a few seconds to mix the dice up and then stop in this order: first Player cup, first Banker cup, second Player cup, and the second Banker cup.

The total is shown for each position, and bets are settled. 

The dealer doesn’t touch the dice at any point – they only press a button to start the shaking process. Dice are also see-through, so there is nothing to worry about with the game’s integrity.

Bac Bo is essentially a version of Dragon Tiger or Football Studio but uses dice instead of cards. The payouts are arguably better too, so let’s find out what exactly Bac Bo odds are.


Banker 1/1
2 or 1288/1
3 or 1125/1
4 or 1010/1
5 or 96/1
6, 7 or 84/1

Note that if you bet on either the Player or the Banker position and it’s a tie, you receive your losing stake minus 10% back. 

This is much more generous than Dragon Tiger or Football Studio, which pays back just 50% of your losing stake in the event of a tie. 

Examples: You have a winning 50 ADA bet on Player, and it wins. You receive 100 ADA returns – 50 ADA winnings, plus the 50 ADA stake.

You have a winning 50 ADA bet on the tie bet, and the tie is 4. You receive 550 ADA returns – 50 ADA winnings, plus the 50 ADA stake.

Bac Bo table

Bac Bo RTP

Bac Bo’s Return to Player calculated on the Player / Banker bet is a very healthy 98.87%. This is greater than other similar games with even money bets like Dragon Tiger, Football Studio and Roulette. It’s slightly less than regular baccarat, but only by a few tenths of a percentage. 

The RTP of Bac Bo does drop to 95.52% if you are betting on the tie. However, with payouts of up to 88/1, players may still find this an attractive trade-off. In Dragon Tiger, the tie always pays 11/1.

Bac Bo trategy

This game works well with bankroll strategies like the Martingale, Fibonacci and the D’Alembert, all designed for even-money bets.

However, none of these strategies can guarantee a profit and Gambling Crypt’s advice is to stick to the even money bets as the RTP is good for a casino game. 

You won’t make huge amounts unless you are betting big, but you give the casino much less of a house edge.

Best Bac Bo crypto casinos

Only Evolution has this game, so you need to find a crypto casino that hosts Evolution live casino games. Check out the top of the page.

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Bac Bo Frequently Asked Questions

Bac Bo is a live casino game from Evolution that is essentially a simplified baccarat game using dice. Players bet on whether the Player position or the Banker position will have the higher total from the two dice rolled for each position. You can also bet on the tie, which has different payouts depending on the tie number. Number 2 or 12 is rarer than number 6, for example, so it pays much more. 

Bac Bo is a game of chance. There is no course of action that you can take to improve your odds – the house advantage is built into the payouts. However, you can make your bankroll last longer and give yourself the best chance of enjoying wins by betting on only the Player or the Banker position and avoiding the tie where the house edge is more than 50% greater.

The RTP of Bac Bo is a healthy 98.87% assuming you are only betting on the Banker or Player position. The house edge on the tie is a more significant 4.48%. This compares favorably to similar games like Dragon Tiger, Football Studio and Roulette. Regular baccarat has an even smaller house advantage, though.