How to Play Bitcoin Dice

★ Original crypto gambling game    

★ Provably Fair game   

★ House edge of just 1%

About a decade ago, Bitcoin Dice started as a crypto game, so it’s only natural that you can primarily find it at cryptocurrency casinos. 

Unlike regular Dice that you might have played as a kid, there are far more betting options with Bitcoin Dice and much higher multipliers.

The best Bitcoin casino sites at Gambling Crypt offer their house versions of Bitcoin Dice. And despite the name, you can play with various coins. Here we teach you how to play Bitcoin Dice and how to win!

Top Bitcoin Dice Casinos 2023

Here are our hand-selected best Bitcoin Dice casinos. They were selected because they offer their own original games so that you can choose your favourite. Play with BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and more of the biggest tokens.

What is crypto Dice?

Bitcoin Dice, Satoshi Dice or just Dice is a crypto game where you are betting on what the roll of a theoretical dice will be.

You just need to bet on whether you think the number will be higher or lower than the one you have bet on.

It’s important to know that there are no actual dice in the game, and you don’t see any. Most crypto casinos explain it as if you were betting on a di with 100 or 1,000 different faces. In reality, you are just betting against a random number generator which decides the number instantly for each round.

These are run by Provably Fair algorithms, so you can manually check each game round through blockchain technology. Seeds and secret hashes are publicly displayed so players can use these details to verify the winning results’ authenticity instantly, should they wish.

Dice at TrustDice

In the above image, you can see a screenshot of the crypto Dice game at TrustDice. All crypto Dice games have a similar layout. You can enter your Roll Under number (or Roll over number). Or you can use the slide on the right to move left or right until you settle on the number you want.

The win chance of your bet, the payout, and the profit on your win will update instantly.

If you are betting that the number will be under 58, your win percentage will be 57%. Betting on under 96 would equate to a win chance of 95% etc. With Bitcoin Dice, you choose the risk level. The higher the risk, the higher the potential payout.

When you have placed your bet, hit Roll, and you will immediately see the result. Any winnings are credited instantly.

It really is that simple. Bitcoin Dice was invented to be easy, and while all sites have different versions with slightly different graphics, the core game remains the same.

For many players, it might be too simple, but it’s a standard game at crypto casinos, and its popularity is not declining.

Most crypto casinos have a running feed of players who are winning and losing on the game, and some casinos have a jackpot feature, too, for extra prizes. Check our guide to playing Bitcoin Dice at leading casinos below for more info. 

Bitcoin Dice shares many characteristics with Plinko and Crash, other simple, well-loved games pioneered at crypto casinos. 

Crypto Dice betting strategy 

You can employ numerous Bitcoin Dice betting strategies to give yourself the best chance of winning consistently. 

But remember, the house edge is 1% in this game, so no matter what strategy you use, the casino always has a slight in-built advantage over you. 

Martingale Crypto Dice strategy

The Martingale betting strategy is also used in roulette and baccarat and dictates that if you lose a bet, you should double your stake on the next bet to cover your previous losses and put yourself back in profit.

When you win again, return to your regular stake and repeat. This can work well for long periods when you set the odds at around 50%, but if you start chasing bigger payouts, you will soon find yourself betting increasingly more for a small return.

Break-Even Martingale Crypto Dice strategy

This Martingale variation is a bit more refined. Instead of doubling your stake after every loss, you only double your stake after every second loss. This will help you slow down from wagering ever-increasing bets to chase losses. 

For instance, if you lose a 0.0005 BTC bet, you bet the same amount for the next round. But if you lose again, now you increase your bet to 0.001 BTC.

Paroli BTC Dice strategy

An opposite version of the Martingale, in which you double your stake after every win up to three times.

For example, you bet 100 TRX and win. Double your stake to 200 TRX and bet again. If you win again, double your new stake to 400 TRX and bet again. If you win, reset to your regular 100 RX stake.

If you lose any round, you go back to your starting stake. The theory is you will either win seven times your stake for a successful run or lose just one time your stake if you fail. 

D’Alembert Bitcoin Dice strategy

This uses a similar betting pattern as the Martingale. Increase your bet with every loss and reduce it when you win. But only increase by one unit instead of just doubling. 

So, a 1mBTC bet will become 2 mBTC when you lose; when you win, you won’t double to 4 mBTC, instead just increasing it by half to 3 mBTC. 

1-3-2-6 Bitcoin Dice strategy

This strategy is more complex but can be more rewarding. Start betting at one unit and increase your stakes every time you win in this order – X3, X2, and X6. If you get to X6, revert to 1X for the next bet and start the sequence again. 

If you lose at any point, go back to betting at one unit. As you move up the sequence, there are varying degrees of profit, making it a fun and profitable strategy should you hit a winning run.

However, like all betting systems, it’s ultimately flawed in the long term, and a long losing run can hurt your bankroll. 

What are the best crypto Dice casinos?

We’ve researched the top crypto casinos that offer Bitcoin Dice, and in this section, you can see and read more about each game. When you are ready, choose your favourite and start having a gamble on a dice roll today!

Gambling on crypto Dice at TrustDice

As the name suggests, Dice is a huge part of TrustDice. We showed you a screenshot above of the game. It’s a pretty standard crypto Dice game with the lowest and maximum number settings at 5 and 96%, respectively. This means the max payout is 24.625.

But TrustDice has a jackpot pool that regularly exceeds 2 BTC. Simply place a Dice bet, and you will get a four-digit number. The first player to get the number 7777 scops the top prize! Tally random, totally fair, and totally fun!

Bitcoin Dice at Stake

Stake is one of the biggest crypto casinos and has a fantastic original Dice game. You can select a payout (or multiplier) between 1.0102X and 9,900X for bigger wins! Wager from just a few cent (minimum bet amounts at Stake are really low).

Stake Dice game
Stake crypto and sports

Crypto Dice at BetFury with jackpot

Betfury has one of the most aesthetically pleasing Bitcoin Dice games we have seen. Check it out! You can set the payout to a max of 98.0010, or as low as 1.0315 if you want to grind out a profit.

Betfury dice game

The jackpot feature regularly exceeds 2 BTC. Here’s how that works.

Betfury dice jackpot
Play now at BetFury

BC.Game has several Bitcoin Dice games. We love their crypto Dice game original versions with numbers 0-1,000 for bigger payouts. 4,950 is the biggest payout – try your luck today!

Play at BC.Game now and get huge bonuses on your first four deposits, with $1 million + daily prize pools, and play with over 50 crypto coins.

BC Game dice game

Bitstarz Bitcoin Dice

There is an original version at Bitstarz, with numbers 1-100 to bet under or over. The highest multiplier is 49X. Play crypto Dice with coins like BTC, Bitcoin Cash, or fiat currencies like USD. 

Claim up to 1 BTC and 180 Free Spins when you join today! Benefit from this huge deposit bonus to use on tons of casino games!

Bitstarz dice

Dice at Cloudbet Casino 

Cludbet’s crypto Dice version is licensed from Spribe. Up to 5 BTC in bonuses are waiting for you at Cloudbet!

Dice game at Cloudbet
Cloudbet sports betting

Bitcoin Dice RTP / Fairness / Max winnings

In general, the RTP of crypto Dice games is very high, usually 99%. This means that, on average, players can expect to win back 99% or more of the funds they wager over the long term.

The exact RTP of a particular crypto Dice game can usually be found in the game’s rules or payout table. It’s always a good idea to check these before you start playing, so you know what to expect in terms of potential winnings!

Crypto Dice is a Provably Fair game, so you can prove each game round is fair by checking the hash. The max winnings/payout is usually very high, it’s 5 BTC at Stake!

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Crypto Dice Frequently Asked Questions

No. Playing at any casino on this page will ensure you only play at a trusted casino running a Provably Fair version of crypto Dice. This random number generator cannot be influenced or manipulated in any way. Provably Fair games can be tested after each round to prove the game was fair.

Crypto Dice has a very low house edge at 1%, and some games have huge win multipliers, so it can be profitable with some luck. That’s without mentioning the vast jackpot prizes you can win at some casinos! You need to use a good bankroll strategy, set win and loss limits that help you minimise losses, and know when to stop after a good winning run. 

Yes, Bitcoin Dice has been a legitimate gambling game for about a decade. First called Satoshi Dice, crypto lovers invented it for crypto lovers. It’s developed into one of the most popular crypt games thanks to its simplicity, fairness, low house edge, and the fact most leading Bitcoin casinos all have their own product.