How to Play Crash Gambling Games

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Crash gambling games started at crypto casinos but are becoming common at regular casinos too.

It’s a brilliantly simple concept that gives players loads of chances to win big. Every round provides new thrills, and the only question is, will you cash out your winnings in time?

New to Crash games? Read on for the complete guide on how to play.

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How to play Crash

Crash gambling games come in different formats but let’s look at the most common versions first – the trading line.

Created to replicate a trading line where the price of an asset goes up (e.g. the price of Bitcoin), most games use a line on a graph that goes up. 

Players place their wagers, and then the line goes up. As the line goes up, the win multiplier for their bet also increases (the win multiplier usually starts on 1). Players can cash out for a profit at any time.

Stake crash game

But leave it too long as the line will crash, and all bets will be lost! Random number generators decide how long the line rises for. There is no way to know when it will stop, so the decision of when to take the money and run is all down to you.

Crash games are often social, with hundreds of players playing simultaneously, and you can see when other players are taking the money. 

At some sites, you can also set when you want to cash your bet out at – usually at a minimum of 2X – making it easier to secure a profit.

Another version we have seen from game provider Spribe uses an airplane flying up into the sky as the multiplier increases. You need to cash out before the plane crashes!

Similarly, you can also find rocket games where the rocket’s trajectory goes up until it falls and crashes.

All Crash games use a similar concept – something rising as the multiplier grows and then a sudden stop where all bets are lost. 

Crash game strategy

Strategy is pretty simple – don’t be too greedy! Unlike other casino games, you can make a regular small profit on these games by cashing out as soon as your win multiplier is above 1.

If you keep doing that, you’ll win money! Crypto casinos can afford winners in this game because so many players are still losing by waiting too long and reaching the crash point.

A more risky strategy is to play longer and hope bigger multipliers hit. Multipliers can go quite high in this game. We have regularly seen them go to around 50X, so even if you had cashed out at 25X or 30X, you would have made an excellent profit, which presumably would offset earlier losses on the games where you waited too long. 

Multipliers of over 1000X have also been reported online, although these are very rare. 

Unlike most casino games you will find, Crash really is a unique concept. The power is in your hands and having the chance to make decisions is thrilling.

Spribe Aviator game

Crash crypto casinos

All good crypto casinos have versions of Crash. Find Crash games at sites at the top of the page and see how long you can hold your nerve!

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Crash Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how disciplined you are. If you find a Crash game that starts on a 1X multiplier, then, in theory, you just need to cash out as soon as the multiplier goes above 1X. Doing this will give you regular small wins that will increase your bankroll. But naturally, human greed wants us to wait for the bigger wins, and it might be too late by that time. Bear in mind the majority of Crash payouts are around the 2X mark.

Yes, playing Crash gambling games is legit if you choose the right site. Many crypto casinos at Gambling Crypt offer Provably Fair Crash games. This means you can independently verify the game was fair and random. The way the game is set up does not lend itself to being rigged anyway, in the way a card game could be fixed.

Crash games are most typically found at crypto casinos and gambling dapps. There are very few countries – if any – that have explicitly outlawed crypto gambling. Most countries don’t even regulate crypto itself, let alone what people can do with their crypto. While some crypto casinos block deposits from players from certain countries, you can still usually find a place to play Crash and other games safely and legally online.