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Head East and play one of Asia’s oldest games, the famous live Dragon Tiger casino game.

The beauty of this game is its simplicity, but it continues to enchant with many available side bets to increase your excitement.

Read on for the Gambling Crypt guide to the Dragon Tiger game, and then try your luck at leading crypto casinos today!

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Dragon Tiger casino gameplay

The Dragon Tiger game is an exceptionally simple casino card game that remains extremely popular across Asia. The game’s premise is so easy – you are just betting on which position will be dealt the higher card – Dragon or Tiger.

Dragon Tiger is usually a live casino game at crypto casinos and is streamed by developers like Ezugi and Evolution. Eight decks of cards are used, and the action takes place on a table, not dissimilar to a baccarat table.

The Dragon and Tiger positions are marked, and once bets have been placed, the dealer deals one card to each position. The highest card wins, and your balance is instantly updated if you’re a winner.

You can also bet on the tie or the draw – both cards being of equal value. There are a few side bets which we discuss in more detail below. 

But that’s the Dragon Tiger game in a nutshell. It’s sometimes referred to as a one-card baccarat game, although we’d argue the table is the only thing that makes it resemble baccarat!

Unlike blackjack, there is no way to get an edge card counting, this is just a random game of luck like roulette.

Football Studio is another version of the Dragon Tiger casino in a football-themed studio. 

How to play Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger game side bets

These are the most common side bets available. Some providers may call them by different names. We’d always recommend checking the game info section when you open the game if in doubt.

Big – these bets win if the card dealt to your position is an 8 or higher

Small – these bets win if the card dealt to your position is a 6 or lower.

When placing these bets, you choose either the Dragon or Tiger position for your big or small bet. 7 is a loser. 

Odd – this is a winner if the card dealt is an ace, 3, 5, 7, 9, J or king.

Even – this is a winner if the card dealt is a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or queen.  
Suited Tie – this pays out if there is a tie and both cards are of the same suit.

Dragon Tiger game payouts

Dragon 1/1
Tiger 1/1
Tie/Draw 11/1*
Suited tie50/1**
Odd 1/1
Even 1/1
Big 1/1
Small 1/1

*Be careful when choosing your Dragon Tiger casino game. Evolution pays 11/1 for the tie, but at Playtech tables, the odds are only 10/1. There are even providers who pay just 8/1 for the tie!

** As above, some casino payouts for the suited tie can vary. Payouts of 40/1, 30/1 and even just 25/1 can be found online. 

Examples: You have a winning 50 XRP bet on Tiger, and it wins. You receive 100 XRP returns – 50 XRP winnings, plus the 50 XRP stake.

You have a winning 50 XRP bet on the Draw bet. You receive 600 XRP returns – 550 XRP winnings, plus the 50 XRP stake.

What’s the Dragon Tiger game RTP?

The RTP is generally 96.27%. This assumes the table you are playing at pays 11/1 for the draw. Playing at a Dragon Tiger game table with a lower payout for the draw takes the RTP down and gives the house a more significant advantage.

The house edge is lower on the even money bets. We’d avoid betting on a suited tie (huge house edge) and bet sparingly on the tie in general.

Dragon Tiger gambling strategy

There’s no real strategy you can use when playing at a Dragon Tiger casino. Like Football Studio, this is just a random pastime of chance.

Betting strategies like the Martingale strategy are valid for those that want a bankroll strategy, but ultimately you can still lose. 

Another alternative is to choose a Dragon or Tiger position bet and also bet on the tie. Covering two positions gives you your stake back if the tie loses, but your position still wins. And you’ll get decent winnings if the tie does happen.

But remember – a long losing run will affect your bankroll.

Best Dragon Tiger Casino

The live Dragon Tiger game is readily available at crypto casinos with a live casino section (basically everyone!). Leading providers include Ezugi, Evolution, Pragmatic Play and Playtech, and you can play on mobile or desktop. 

Grab your welcome bonus at Gambling Crypt’s recommended Dragion Tiger online casino sites, and then try your luck for real money. 

Remember, all our casinos are focused on crypto players, so you can deposit in Bitcoin and Ethereum and benefit from higher limits and quicker withdrawals than regular casinos. Other online casino games similar to Dragon Tiger include Football Studio, Andar Bahar, and Casino War.

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Dragon Tiger Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Dragon Tiger game is just betting on which position will receive the highest card – Dragon or Tiger or whether it will be a tie. Side bets available include betting on whether you think your position’s card will be 8 or higher or 6 or lower. And you can also bet on whether your card will be odd or even. Dragon Tiger is known as one of, if not the, most straightforward casino games.

The Dragon Tiger game is pure luck. You will win some and lose some. There is no way to increase your chances of winning as the game has a house advantage. Our top tie is to avoid betting on the tie and definitely the suited tie as the house edge is much bigger on these bets.

The Dragon Tiger casino game RTP is 96.27%, calculated on a game that pays 11/1 for the tie. If you just bet on the tie the house edge is a massive 10.36% and can be far higher on the suited tie bet. If the casino pays just 25/1 on this bet, the house edge is an incredible 56.14%!