How to Play Fantan

★ A modern twist on ancient classic  

★ High Return to Player 

 ★ Alternative to roulette and Sic Bo

Enjoy the intrigue and mystery of online Fan Tan with this modern twist on the Asian game of chance played with beads. 

It’s easy to play, and Live Fan Tan at crypto casinos mostly comes from Evolution Gaming, arguably the best live casino provider.

The rules of casino are like the community version so popular in China, so read on to learn how to play, what the Fan Tan bets and payouts are, and what the optimum strategy is!

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Fan Tan Gameplay

Live Fan Tan comes from a studio and takes place on a large red rectangle table, not dissimilar to a card table. 

A large number of beads are used for the game, with the dealer using a special gold cup to take a random number of these beads from the pile for each game round.

The beads are then separated into lines of four using a special stick until a maximum of four remain. The aim of the game is to bet on how many beads will be left at the end of the process once all rows of four have been completed – 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Live Fan Tan

Simply place your bets on how many beads you think will be left, and you are paid out if you are correct. You can make a couple of additional bets, which we describe below. 

In Evolution Gaming’s Live Fan Tan, you can see short and long-term statistics for up to 500 game rounds with a widget updated after each round with percentages of each number. 

This information is interesting for trend bettors but remember every round is entirely random, and past occurrences are no indicator of what will come next. 

And that’s all Fan Tan is! It’s not complicated; in fact, there are very few simpler games. It’s an interesting alternative to games with similar betting styles, like Sic Bo and Roulette. Fan Tan has fewer betting options, but the house edge is lower.

Simple Bets

The main bets are on Odd or Even (which number left will be), Big (3 and 4) or Small (1 and 2).

Then you can bet on exactly how many beads will be left – 1, 2, 3 or 4.

More bets

Nim bets – this works like a cover bet. You choose one number you think will be left and a second number. If the first number comes up, you win. If the second number comes up, it’s a push, and your stake is returned.

You are covering two numbers, but only one will be a winner. 

Kwok bets – you choose two numbers to bet on, and you are a winner if either of them comes up. 
Ssh bets – choose three numbers, and you are a winner if any of them come up.

Fan Tan betting table


Beads leftOdds
Odd or Even 1.90/1
Nim bet 1.90/1
Kwok bet0.95/1
Ssh bet0.316667/1

Examples: You have a winning 50 ADA bet on number 2 and it wins. You receive 95 SOL returns – 45 ADA winnings, plus the 50 ADA stake.

You have a winning 100 ADA bet on the Ssh bet. You receive 131.67 ADA returns – 31.67 ADA, plus the 100 ADA stake.

Fan Tan RTP

The RTP is 98.75% based on only Ssh bets. This means the house advantage or edge is 2.25%.

The RTP range for the game is 96.25-98.75% taking into account the other bets.

Strategy and tips

The Fan Tan casino game is a game of chance. No matter what strategy you try, the odds are the same

Players looking for the best chance to win should stick to the Ssh bet. The payout is low but over time this will give you the best chance of grinding out a profit.

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Fan Tan Frequently Asked Questions

Fan Tan is an ancient gambling game where players guess how many beads (or other small objects) remain after the dealer has separated a random number of these objects into groups of four. There is also a card game by the same name, but this isn’t a popular online game.

Fan Tan is now a live casino game, too, where players can bet on the outcome and several other game bets.

Yes, check out the Gambling Crypt casinos that offer Fan Tan. Most crypto casinos license their Fan Tan game from Evolution Gaming, so you know it is fair, random and takes place in a stunning live setting. You see the action unfold in front of you as if you were there.

This depends on what sort of gambler you are! But if you are looking to give yourself the best chance of winning every round, then betting on the Ssh position has the lowest house edge at just 2.25%. But the payout is also the lowest at 0.316667/1.