How to Play Football Studio

★ Dragon Tiger with a football feel   

★ So easy to play   

Enjoy the big match as you bet

Sports fans will love Football Studio, an extremely simple live casino game from leading game provider Evolution.

It’s effectively a football-themed version of the Asian classic Dragon Tiger.

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Football Studio Gameplay

We don’t think a more straightforward casino game exists than Football Studio, which is just a version of Dragon Tiger or Top Card brought to you from a football-themed live studio, merging sports commentary with live casino. Live Football Studio is from the highly-rated game studio Evolution Gaming.

It uses a shoe of eight regular playing card decks, and players just bet on which card dealt will be higher – the Home team position or the Away team position. You can also bet on the Draw (both cards being of the same value.)

After all bets have been placed, the dealer will deal one card face up to the Home side position and another to the Away side position. If you choose the right side, you are a winner and are paid out instantly.

There are just three wager options – the Home win, the Away win and the Draw betting options.

How to play Football Studio

The live dealer, meant to represent a football pundit, will talk about any football matches happening that night, typically action from the English Premier League, La Liga or Champions League.

If there’s no live football action taking place when you are seated, then the experience will be quieter and a little less enjoyable. 

There is a live chat function where players talk about the football action, and there’s a rolling football news feed with the latest football news. 

You can also view the latest results if you use trends when betting. But remember, every hand is unique, and even if there were 20 home wins in a row, an away win next is no more likely.

Live chat, no multipliers

Football Studio live is popular because it’s so simple. Unlike Lightning Blackjack or Lightning Roulette, there are no multipliers to worry about – it’s just a very simple card game!


Home win1/1
Away win 1/1
Draw 11/1

Football Studio casino payouts are very simple. Home/Away pays 1/1 (even money). If you bet on Home or Away and the draw comes up, you get 50% of your stake back. If a player bets on a draw and the draw card is drawn, the player is paid at 11/1.

Examples: You have a winning 50 Tron bet on Home, and it wins. Receive 100 Tron returns – 50 Tron winnings, plus the 50 Tron stake.

You have a winning 50 Tron bet on the Draw bet. You receive 600 Tron returns – 550 Tron winnings, plus the 50 Tron stake.

Football Studio casino RTP

The Football Studio casino game RTP is 96.27%. However, betting on the draw takes the RTP right down to 89.64%. That’s best avoided as a long-term betting strategy, even if it has the most generous odds.

Football Studio betting

Football Studio Strategy

Football Studio strategy is limited as this is very much a game of chance. In fact, it’s just like a coin flip. There is no edge you can get on the casino, no matter how you play.

One interesting strategy is to cover both a home or away win and the draw. This gives you your stake back if you win and a good profit if the draw lands.

Of course, you can still go through your bankroll quickly if your home or away bet keeps losing.

Martingale strategy

The Martingale betting strategy is a popular betting system that originated in 18th-century France and is still used today in various forms, on a range of games, including the Football Studio casino game, roulette, and baccarat. The Martingale betting system tells you to double your bet after every loss so that when you do win, you recover all of your previous losses and make a profit.

The theory behind the Martingale betting strategy is simple – in the long run, you’re guaranteed to win eventually as long as you keep doubling your bet after every loss. However, in practice, there are a few problems with this Football Studio strategy. One is that all casino games have a maximum bet limit, so you won’t be able to double your bet indefinitely.

Another problem is that if you experience a long losing streak, you end up risking huge sums to win back a comparatively small amount. Additionally, this Football Studio strategy doesn’t account for the house edge, which means that even if you win eventually, you’re still likely to lose money in the long run.

The best Football Studio crypto casinos

Football Studio casino sites are plenty these days. So if you want to play at a Bitcoin casino or with any other crypto, you will find this game without any problems. Any Bitcoin casino that hosts Evolution’s amazing live casino games should offer it, and the good news is all the Bitcoin casinos on this page have it.  

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Football Studio Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the gameplay is identical. You are betting on which of the two cards dealt will be higher, just like Dragon Tiger. The difference with Football Studio casino game is that it comes from a football-themed studio with the dealer playing the role of pundit, discussing the latest football news and big matches that are happening at the time.

No. Evolution’s version uses a shoe of playing cards, and you watch the dealer cut the deck at random and deal in front of you. Even if there was some way to fix the game (we can’t think how), Evolution is one of the most respected game providers and no Football Studio casino would never ruin its reputation by hosting fixed games. 

The RTP of the Football Studio casino game is 96.27%, lower than many other live casino games. If you just bet on the draw position, the house edge is a significant 10.36%!