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Not many Europeans will have heard of Jhandi Munda, but it’s a fun game. If you live in India or have friends from India, chances are you will have at least heard of the famous dice game, Jhandi Munda.

This simple game of chance is also widely played in Nepal, where it’s called Langur Burja, and is especially popular around the Hindu festival of Dashain, Vijayadashami, and Tihar.

Here we will tell you how to play Jhandi Munda, where to play Jhandi Munda online, and also how to play Crown and Anchor – a British version of Jhandi Mundi.

Best Jhandi Munda Crypto Casinos 2022

Jhandi Munda isn’t the most popular game at crypto casinos but you can still find Jhandi Mundi-inspired games and play with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Tether and more top coins.

What is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Mundi is a traditional street game played with six six-sided dice. Instead of numbers, the dice have symbols on them. 

These are a club, diamond, spade, heart, flag, and face, although you will find regional variations. In Nepal and British territories, there is usually an anchor or crown in place of the flag and face. 

But the symbols themselves are irrelevant. You could also play Jhandi Munda with regular dice if you wanted!

If you already know some casino games, you could say Jhandi Mundi is a little bit similar to other dice games like Sic Bo or craps.

How to play Jhandi Munda

How to play Jhandi Munda online

When played on the street, the dice are thrown onto a board painted with the game symbols. Online Jhandi Munda also recreates this environment.

The aim is to bet on which symbols will appear most when the dice are rolled. That’s it!

Let’s say you think clubs will show face-up the most. You place your bet on clubs and then roll the dice. You win if a clubs symbol appears face-up and your winnings depend on how many clubs have appeared. 

‘Jhandi’ is the name given to your winning symbols. 

Jhandi Mundi’s beauty is its simplicity which is why it remains so popular to this day with players all over Asia and beyond.

Jhandi Mundi payouts

Traditionally these are the odds used for most games and on many free apps.

Number of JhandiPayout 

Example: You place a 100 ADA bet on clubs at a Cardano casino. The dice are thrown, and there are four clubs face-up! Boom – you would receive 400 ADA in winnings, plus your 100 ADA  stake, for a total return of 500 ADA. 

As you can see, the payouts are pretty fair. The house edge is only 2.86%. 


Many crypto casinos offering Jhandi Munda have just one standard payout of 3.4/1. So no matter how many Jhandi come up, the odds are always 3.4/1. 

Players will have different opinions on what type of payout system is better, but we have done the maths, and there is virtually no difference in the long-term.

What is Crown and Anchor?

Crown and Anchor was a common game played by sailors in the British navy in the 18th century. It is still played in Bermuda and the Channel Islands.

Jhandi Munda was likely developed from these sailors stopping in India and passing on the game to the locals.

The game is almost the same as Jhandi Munda but uses only three dice. The symbols are the club, diamond, heart, spade, plus a crown and an anchor. 

Payouts are 1/1 for one match, 2/1 for two and 3/1 for three. 

Crown and Anchor is more widely available online than Jhandi Mundi. So if you want to play Jhandi Munda online, we recommend joining crypto casinos and searching for Crown and Anchor instead.

Advantages of playing Jhandi Mundi online

★ Games are much quicker than playing offline

★ Possibility to bet on more than one Jhandi

★ Options to play more than one table at a time

★ Play for free or for real money at stakes that suit you

Jhandi Mundi strategy and tips

Whether you play Jhandi Mundi or Crown and Anchor, the best advice is to understand that there is no strategy!

Jhandi Mundi is a game of chance and, despite what you may read elsewhere, there is no sure-fire way to win or system you can use. 

Like online roulette, operators usually show hot and cold symbols. This is a list of symbols that have won each round. Some players use these to inform their bets on what to bet on next.

If you wish, choose your bets based on what is ‘hot’, but you must recognise every roll of the dice is random. If diamonds has won six times in a row, it is no more or less likely to win the next round – the odds are the same every round!

Once you understand this, then go out and have some fun at the tables!

Where to play Jhandi Munda online

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Jhandi Munda Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not exactly the same as one uses more dice than the other, but the rules are the same. Crown and Anchor is more likely to be found online at crypto casinos than Jhandi Munda which is still most common is India and neighbouring countries.

Like most casino games, Jhandi Munda is a game of luck or chance. No matter what you read online elsewhere, there is no strategy or decision you can make that will increase your chances of winning!