Lightning Roulette Game Guide

★ Truly stunning live gaming environment 

★ Win multipliers of up to 500X

★ Good Return to Player of 97.3% 

Lightning Roulette is a classic roulette game supercharged with random win multipliers worth up to 500X. Electrifying sound and lighting effects in the game show-style studio only enhance the excitement. 

It’s another in Evolution Gaming’s stunning series of live casino ‘Lightning’ games and is a multiple award winner. You can also find Lightning Blackjack and Lightning Dice.

Lightning Roulette provides unreal thrills and regular chances to scoop big prizes. Want to play now? Jump into the action below. Or read on for the Gambling Crypt guide to the game.

Want to play Lightning Roulette?

Lighting Roulette is a live dealer casino game created by Evolution Gaming, one of the most respected game studios in the world. It is a world-class live roulette version that has won many awards including Product Innovation of the year.

The game uses the same wheel, betting system and rules of a classic European live roulette game. But extra chances to win big are delivered through randomly generated Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts available in the following big multipliers: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X and 500X.

Lightning Roulette live dealer

How to get a Lightning Roulette big win

Players place a wager the same way as all standard roulette bets are taken. Choose your stake and where you think the ball will land.

Check out Gambling Crypt’s roulette guide if you are new to the game, but in short, it’s European live roulette with an electrifying user interface, promising maximum player thrills.

When all bets have been accepted, the number of Lucky Numbers in play (0 to five), the Lucky Numbers themselves (1-36) and the Lucky Payouts amounts are randomly generated.

The wheel is then spun, the ball lands, and bets are settled as usual on the winning number and sections. 

If a player has made a straight up bet (bet on an individual number) and it corresponds to a Lucky Number, the player is paid out at the enhanced odds of that Lucky Number. 

For example, in a game round, there might be three Lucky Numbers; the Lucky numbers are 18, 27 and 29. And the Lucky payouts are 50X, 200X and 500X.

You have a winning straight-up bet on number 29 – multiplier 50X – and are paid out at odds of 500/1.

Note that you are not guaranteed a multiplier every round.

Lightning Roulette 500x wins, RTP and Payout

If you have read through so far, you are probably thinking, what’s the catch? Because on first look, live Lightning Roulette looks like a no-brainer for casino players to play. The same as regular roulette but with regular win multipliers and huge payouts!

You are right, though; there is a catch. Unlike the classic version, a straight bet that doesn’t have a winning multiplier is paid out at 29/1, rather than the standard 35/1.

This gives the house a significant edge on straight-up bets and is how the bigger payouts are funded.

Even with that considerable odds reduction, the game’s RTP is still a healthy 97.30% – identical to the most common RTPs of the European version.

But you should be aware that multipliers do not land every round. It’s possible to go long sequences without seeing a multiplier. And then when they do appear you still only have a small chance of hitting it! The maximum multiplier is 550X.

Lightning Roulette multipliers

Lightning Roulette strategy / bankroll ideas

Lightning Roulette strategy is different to how you might play the regular version. First off, as with any casino game, no strategy guarantees wins.

Everyday thinking would concentrate on the even money bets – red or black, odd or even – because the house edge is lower on those bets.

But with Lightning Roulette, the aim must be to land the Lucky Numbers bets and benefit from the large multipliers.

Therefore, placing many straight-up bets is the best strategy. Some strategies even advocate betting straight up on every number every round. There is some method to this madness.

If you are betting 10 Tron per bet, covering all 37 numbers (0-36) will cost you 370 Tron. The lowest you can win – without any multipliers – is 300 Tron.

So you’ll lose 70 Tron per round, but any multiplier that lands instantly puts you into profit. 

Clearly, it would be best if you had a large bankroll to start with to absorb runs without any multipliers. 

Remember, if a 500X multiplier lands, you’ll win 510 Tron guaranteed. But you will need to hit the 500X in the first 20 spins to come out in front.

What are the best Lightning Roulette crypto casinos?

You will find Lightning games at all live casinos at Gambling Crypt that feature Evolution Gaming. Head to the top of the page now and find a crypto casino you like. Remember, apart from this version, you’ll be able to find regular live games too. 

Play at stakes that suit your bankroll, and enjoy the most professional service from genuine dealers. 

  1. Join a crypto casino with a few details 
  2. Instantly fund your account in a way with BTC, ETH, LTC and more  
  3. Claim your welcome bonus and head to the Lightning Roulette table!

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Lightning Roulette FAQ. Is Lightning Roulette rigged & more?

This is a common question with internet sleuths arguing that magnets are used and random multipliers aren’t random. The biggest issue with this argument is that Evolution Gaming produces Lightning Roulette, which then licenses its streams to hundreds if not thousands of online casinos. Third-party experts have independently tested the game, and there is no chance the company would ruin their reputation (and almost certainly bankrupt itself) by creating a fixed game.

Betting solely on straight-up numbers each round is the only way you can win the multipliers when they land. So best to place a lot of straight-up bets each betting round. It’s possible to cover the whole table and guarantee a profit – assuming you hit regular multipliers.

The RTP of both games is generally the same at 97.3%. This means the house edge is the same for both versions. Therefore, playing both games long-term should deliver similar win or loss numbers. The benefit of Lightning Roulette is that you have the chance to win 500X your stake, and landing that early on could be enough to keep you in profit on the table for a good while.