How to Play Live Baccarat

★ More time to enjoy the game

★ Private promotions and offers 

★ Chat with other players and croupiers 

Playing live baccarat is often restricted to the high rollers of Vegas, London and Macau. Large minimum bets mean small stakes gamblers often don’t get a look in!

Online baccarat has opened up this classic card game to players across Europe, and now you can do your best James Bond impression and play live baccarat today at top crypto casinos!

Read on for all the information you need and where to claim live casino bonuses.

Best Live Baccarat Crypto Casinos 2022

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What’s live casino baccarat?

Joining a live baccarat table is just like sitting down at a real casino table on land! 

Watch the croupier deal the cards via brilliant quality video and audio streams from a special studio. 

Once connected, you place your bets in the usual way and then sit back and enjoy the new virtual world. 

Leading live baccarat game providers are Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Ezugi.

With amazing animations, chat functions, and table customisation, you won’t find a more immersive online casino experience.

Ready to try it today? Play for free or real money on your mobile device or desktop computer!

Need to learn the rule of baccarat? Check out the Gambling Crypt main baccarat game guide.

Live Baccarat gameplay

Live baccarat plays out the same as regular baccarat, except the action happens live. Take your seat at the table and simply bet on one the three positions – banker, player or tie.

Once bets have been placed, the live dealer will deal the cards and the outcome will be known. If you are a winner, your winnings will be credited instantly. The next game round then starts.

How to play live baccarat

Live baccarat side bets and payouts

There exist dozens of live baccarat side bets but here are the most popular ones you can find online. Note that payouts quoted are the most common but frequently vary depending where you play. 

Pair / Perfect Pair – A bet that either the player or banker’s first cards will be a pair (cards of the same rank). Pays 5/1 and 25/1 if they are of the same suit. 

Three of a kind / Bellagio Match – A bet on either the player or banker receiving three cards of the same value. Player position pays 75/1 and the banker position pays 68/1. 

All Red / All Black – A bet that the player’s hand will have solely black cards (spade or club, pays 24/1) or red cards (diamonds and hearts, pays 22/1). 

Big and Small – Also called the 4-5-6, this is a bet on how many cards the player and banker will finish with combined. Four cards are usually paid out at 3/2 with five or six cards at 2/1.
Dragon Bonus – A bet that states the player will win with a natural 8 or 9 by a certain margin. For example, if the player has a natural 8, and the banker’s initial hand is 2, this is a margin of six points.

Victory margin Odds
9 points30/1
8 points10/1
7 points6/1
6 points4/1
5 points2/1
4 points1/1
3 points or less Losing bet

Double 8 – A bet that both positions will have a value of 8. Paid out at 15/1.

Dragon 7 – A bet the banker will win with a three-card hand worth 7. Pays 40/1.

Egalite bets – A bet that the round will be tied and both the player and banker position will have the same value.

Tied value Odds

Super 6 – A bet that the banker will win with a hand with a value of 6. Paid out at 12/1. 

Royal Match – A bet that either the player or the banker will receive a king and a queen in their opening hand. Payout is 30/1 and 75/1 if they are suited.

Three-card 6 – A bet that either the banker or player will get a three-card hand with a value of 6. This pays 8/1 and 100/1 if both positions qualify.

Benefits of live baccarat

Baccarat rounds unfold very quickly online. And it can be challenging for new players to follow the action – particularly the rules of when the banker gets dealt a third card. 

An advantage of playing live baccarat is that you have more time to enjoy and appreciate what is happening

You can also benefit from exclusive bonuses and promotions at live casino tables. These could be offers to let you try other great live games like Live Roulette or Live Blackjack, rebate deals that give you a percentage of your losses back, or fabulous prizes like iPads and watches!

Keep your eyes open for seasonal offers, random draws, and lucky bonus hands!
Baccarat has always been a social game with multiple people playing at the same table. Talk with other players via the chat function, and use it to ask the dealer any questions.

Baccarat betting positions

What are the best live baccarat crypto casinos?

All crypto casinos we list here have been tested by us, and we can guarantee their live baccarat offering meets these three essential requirements:

  1. Professional, glamorous dealers
  2. Stunning live setting with razor-sharp picture and sound quality
  3. Variety of table stakes and game variants, such as Mini-Baccarat

Want more good news? We’ve lined up some exclusive welcome offers for you too! Sign-up now to claim your free play or deposit bonus at the best live baccarat crypto casinos. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Open a free account with a few details 
  2. Claim your bonus when you deposit crypto securely
  3. Check out the live casino!

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Live Baccarat Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you like! Live baccarat is more realistic, but the odds and gameplay are the same as other online baccarat. However, you can find special side bets exclusive to live tables.

There is no sure-fire way to win at live baccarat. We recommend just betting on the banker position (lowest house edge) and always avoid the tie. Side bets offer bigger payouts, but the house edge is huge on them.

Unfortunately, no live casinos let players play for free as table space is limited. You can watch the action for free, though, or grab a crypto casino baccarat bonus that enables you to play for free. Alternatively, some crypto casinos will let you play regular online baccarat for free so that you can get a feel for the game.