How to Play Plinko Online

★ New thrills every round    

★ Multipliers of up to 1,000X   

Different versions at every casino

The Plinko crypto game is making waves at crypto casinos with its simplicity and huge win potential.

In this guide to how to play Plinko online, you will learn the gameplay, and we have suggestions for the best place to play. Each crypto casino has its own versions.

Find your favourite Plinko crypto game below!

Top Plinko Online Crypto Casinos 2023

Enjoy the best Plinko gambling at all these top casinos. Unlike most online gambling info sites, we don’t just give you a random list of casinos, whether or not they have the game you want. Each site below offers this hot game, and you can play with just a few taps. 

How to play Plinko online

It’s essentially an online game of pinball, but instead of trying to avoid the little ball falling into the hole at the bottom, you want the ball to drop into one of the bottom holes, preferably the one with the highest multiplier.

It’s probably best if we show you. Here’s a version from Stake Casino. 

Stake Plinko game

You start by choosing your stake and then hit Play or Bet in the example above. A small ball then falls randomly through the pyramid made up of rows of pins and lands in one of the multipliers below.

You can see the biggest multipliers are 1,000X right at the end on the left and the right. You’re instantly rewarded with 1,000X your stake if the ball falls in those holes. 

As you can see, the multipliers in the middle section are a lot smaller, as this is where the ball is more likely to end up. But every game is completely different and random – the ball can land anywhere with some luck.

And that is how to play. Like playing on a slot machine, no skill is involved. Gamblers don’t need to do anything once the game round starts – besides praying for luck and a juicy multiplier. Of course, the payout is instant once the game round has finished.

Plinko gambling- made in Japan!

Plinko gambling was a popular game pastime that was often featured on television game shows and in casinos and carnivals. In Japan, it’s called Pachinko, and despite most gambling being outlawed, this hugely popular arcade game isn’t.

Like the crypto Plinko gambling game, original Plinko gambling involves a large vertical board with a grid of pegs or pins arranged in a pattern. At the top of the board, players drop a small ball, which bounces randomly from peg to peg until it reaches the bottom of the board, where it lands in one of several slots, each of which has a different prize value.

The gameplay is based on chance, as the ball’s path is determined by the physical properties of the board and the laws of physics, such as gravity and momentum. Players have no control over the ball’s path, and the outcome is completely random.

Plinko gambling has been featured on popular television shows such as ‘The Price is Right’ and has become a staple of many casinos – both online and land-based – and amusement parks around the world.

Plinko online betting options

If you look closely at the image below, you will see we have set the risk to high and added 16 rows in the game settings. This is the hardest option at Stake but the one with the highest multipliers.

Play Plinko at Stake
Stake Plinko with 1,000X multiplieer

You can adjust the risk level and number of rows at Stake and some other casinos. The multipliers will be lower, but you can gain more consistent, smaller wins rather than just hoping for a mammoth payday.

Stake crypto and sports betting

Plinko gambling at Bitcoin casinos

We have looked at Stake’s online casino offering, but one of the best things about this game is that most crypto casinos have developed their original versions. While the gameplay is the same, you can choose the game you like most.

Different settings, different risk levels, different themes and colours. All of these things create different gaming experiences. And, of course, most players have a lucky casino site where they win more money than at other places.

Get in the mood for winning with this crazy vid of a huge Plinko online win at Stake.

So, let’s look at Plinko online from other top crypto casinos.

Plinko online at Cloudbet

Plinko crypto gambling at Cloubet is provided by game provider Spribe. There are three risk levels, with a top win of 353X available. Cloudbet is one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin casinos and has been offering Plinko online alongside 1,000s of other casino games since 2013.

Grab a huge bonus worth up to 5 BTC to play Plinko online and much more when you join today!

Join Cloudbet casino

Plinko crypto game at BetFury

Betfury is a leading popular crypto casino with an excellent Plinko online version with a unique jackpot feature. Unlike Stake, there is no option to change the risk level or the number of rows, but you can play a fast version, check the statistics of the game, verify the fairness, and set hotkeys to play even faster on desktop.

The jackpot feature is fantastic. As you can see below, as well as the multipliers, some holes have the letters spelling out P-L-I-N-K-O. 

Plinko at Betfury

To win the Plinko crypto jackpot, place bets and collect all the letters. Letters stay live until the jackpot is won. The percentage of jackpot winnings depends on the lowest bet amount, and the distribution is as follows.

Betfury Plinko jackpot
Play now at BetFury

BTC Plinko online at BC.Game

BC.Game, one of the biggest crypto casinos, has four Plinko crypto games currently available, including its Plinko gambling house version with win multipliers of up to 420X. Deposit and play in 40+ cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and tokens, with high withdrawal limits and a huge welcome bonus.

BC Game Plinko
Win crypto at BC.Game

Plinko gambling at BitStarz – gamble with Ethereum

There are two Plinko crypto versions at Bitstarz, with an original version that has multipliers of 1,000X on the hardest settings. Play now with up to 1 BTC in welcome bonuses. Deposit and play in Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, plus fiat options like dollars.

Bitstarz Plinko

Blizz Casino Plinko gambling – Bgaming version

Blizz Casino has one of the biggest selections of Plinko online games, with four real money versions available, although there is no original game. All are licensed from other providers like Bgaming. It’s a great choice to enjoy. 

Play Plinko crypto games now and claim up to 2.2 BTC in bonuses.

Plinko crypto at – easy registration

Rocketpot doesn’t have an original Plinko crypto version but has two licensed versions – both from Bgaming.

You can choose from several Plinko gambling options, including the number of rows and three risk levels – high, normal, and low. The max winnings are only 29X here, though.

Rocketpot Plinko

Plinko Crypto RTP

Plinko crypto games have pretty much the best RTP of any casino game at 99%. This translates to a house edge of just 1%. No wonder Plinko gambling is so popular with crypto casino players!

Can you win money at Plinko gambling?

The best way to win is to practice solid bankroll management. If you are betting and start winning immediately, it’s usually better to take the profits and run. Come back and play another day, as you can’t keep on winning.

People on hot streaks typically return their winnings as soon as their luck changes.

Similarly, if you start on a bad run, maybe your luck isn’t in that day. Have a loss limit in mind, and stop playing for the day if you reach it. There’s always another time to play. 

Best Plinko crypto casinos

Plinko gambling has taken off at crypto casinos with new versions created all the time. It has a better RTP than almost every slot game, wins are more regular, and it really is fun to play. Many players also love Crash, another easy crypto game.

If you’re ready to give it a go, jump back to the top and choose a casino you like. Plinko online is waiting for you now!

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People Also Ask About Plinko Crypto

Not if you are playing at a Gambling Crypt recommended casino. These are licensed, secure sites that either have Provably Fair games – where you can verify the fairness of the game yourself with a hash code. Or the Plinko online games are from high-quality third-party game providers that have been independently tested and proven to be using random number generators. 

All casino games have a house edge, an in-built advantage that ensures the casino wins in the long term. Plinko gambling is no different, but the house edge is very low at just 1%. This makes it a better game to play than most slots and certain games like roulette. Players can enjoy massive wins, but for every winner, there are losers too.

Yes. If you are allowed to gamble in your country of residence or your country has no laws against crypto gambling – and most don’t – then it is legal to play Plinko online. Naturally, you must also be of legal age.