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Rummy Basics

There are many different rummy versions available, but we will talk about the traditional Indian game here. Note that many of the best sites also offer exciting variants of the game. 

Indian Rummy uses two 52-card decks, plus two joker cards. Online versions often employ more decks to allow more players to sit at the table.

The objective of the game is to arrange your hand of 13 cards into melds – three groups of three cards and one group of four cards.

Melds include runs and sets. Runs are also known as sequences, and sets as trails or trios.

Runs – a run is a sequence of three or more cards of the same suit in order – for example, 2 ♥, 3 ♥, and 4 ♥ s. An ace can be high or low, but as in poker, and many other card games, you cannot wrap a run around an ace. So king, ace, 2 is not a valid hand. 

Straight runs – a run as above, but it must be ‘pure’ without the use of a wild or a joker (see below).

Sets – are three or four cards of the same value but different suits. For example, 7 ♣, 7 ♠ and 7♦ is a valid set, but 7 ♣, 7 ♠ and 7 ♠ is not. 

Wild cards – at the start of the game, one card is turned face up for all players to see. All cards left in play of that rank are wild cards and can be used as any card you need to complete a meld. 

In addition, the two jokers are wild cards. If the card dealt face up happens to be a joker, then that means there is only one wild card left in play for the game.


  • After the face-up card has been dealt, all players are dealt 13 cards
  • One card is then dealt up next to the other face-up card to begin the discard pile
  • The remaining cards are placed face down on top of the face-up wild card
  • Players then choose to take a new card from one of the two piles and then discard one card from their hand onto the face-up discard pile 
  • Play continues until a player has 13 cards that form valid combinations. The player discards their 14th card and declares ‘Rummy!’ winning the game.
  • Winning hands must include at least one straight run and at least one other run 
  • If there are no face-down cards left and no one has declared rummy, the game is void, and no one wins

How does scoring work

When a player has rummy, the other players must count their cards. 

  • Ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 = 10 points 
  • 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 = face value
  • Jokers and wild cards = 0
  • If a losing hand contains a straight run, the cards of this run are not counted
  • If the hand contains a second run, cards in these runs and any additional runs and trails are not counted
  • Values of all remaining cards are added up, and the points are paid to the winner

If you were placing online for stakes of 10 Tron a point, and your losing hand added up to 42, you would have to pay the winner 420 Tron. Of course, playing online is easier as you don’t need to do any of the calculations yourself!

What is packing in rummy?

Packing or dropping is the option to limit your losses when you are dealt an unpromising opening hand. 

Instead of picking up your first card, you agree to pay the eventual winner 10 points and withdraw from the game. Your 13 cards are shuffled and added to the bottom of the face-down pile for other players to choose later on.

Packing is also available during the game, but the penalty here is much greater – 40 points! In this scenario, your cards are not added to any pile but are discarded.

Strategy and tips

While there is a lot of luck involved in this game, here are five of our best tips to help you win more at the rummy tables!

  1. Your priority is getting a pure run. The earlier you get this, the stronger position you are in. Even if an opponent calls rummy first, you have restricted your losses. 
  2. Discard high-value cards as the game goes on. You do not want to be holding high cards if an opponent calls rummy. Having face cards in your hands means your points total can shoot up. 
  3. Pay attention to what is being dumped by others. If you are hoping for a 7 ♦ and see one discarded, you will need to reevaluate your hand. Discard dead cards which are no longer of use. 
  4. The discard pile is full of clues – for you and your rivals. If you take from the discard pile, you are giving your opponents information about the hands you are building, and potentially what you need to complete a meld. Similarly, you can confuse and trick players by discarding cards you need. For example, if you hold both 7 ♣s and discard one, your rivals may assume you don’t want 7s and see it as a safe card to discard, even though another 7 is what you want to complete a set.
  5. Be open to change. Rummy plays out fast, and cards you consider to be strong can quickly become weak. If you wait and wait for cards that do not come, you are putting yourself in a poor position. Be ready to reconsider after each round.

Good luck!

What’s rummy blackjack?

Rummy blackjack is a blackjack variant typically found in Costa Rican land-based casinos.

Because most casinos there interpret offering normal blackjack as illegal, this version is played as a betting alternative.

The rules are similar to standard blackjack, but with various bonuses on offer. Rummy blackjack isn’t widely available online, but it’s a fun game to play if you see it. The casino edge can be as low as 1%.

The best rummy crypto casinos

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Three card rummy game

Rummy Frequently Asked Questions

Online rummy is very popular in India which has strict gambling laws. However, these laws only apply to land-based activities and cannot cover online activity (no matter how hard some states try and stop it). 

Online rummy isn’t illegal and rummy-style games are enjoyed in Europe too at many trusted crypto casinos.

It isn’t really suited to a casino game as games can take a while. What you can find at online casinos are rummy-style and rummy-inspired games.