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What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a Chinese game of chance played across Asia, the USA and beyond. You may have even played a variant of it yourself with friends – it’s also known as hi-lo, Dai Siu, Tai Sai, and Big and Small.

The objective of the game is to predict which numbers will be rolled with three regular six-sided dice. Sic Bo is similar to craps and roulette, so if you have played either, you will find Sic Bo easy! Check out the Sic Bo betting table.

Sic Bo game

How to place a bet

Like roulette, there are lots of different ways to bet. These include broader predictions that have roughly a 50% chance of happening. 

Or choose more specific combinations with higher odds and the potential for better winnings. To place a bet, select your stake and then tap or click on the appropriate part of the Sic Bo betting table. 

The main bets are as follows:

Big or Small is a simple wager on the total outcome of all three dice being big (11-17) or small (4-10).

Total is a bet on the total number for the three dice rolled (from 4-17). The payouts vary depending on the difficulty of throwing each number. A 4, for example, pays 60/1, while a 9 only pays 6/1 – because there are more ways to throw a 9 than a 4. 

Combination bets are on any two specific numbers appearing on the three dice. A combination bet on 6 and 5 would win if a 6 and a 5 appear on any two dice – the third number is irrelevant. 

Pairs/Triples is a bet on the same number coming up twice or three times in a single roll. Betting on any triple pays 30/1, but choose a specific treble, win, and you’ll get paid at 180/1! 

A Single bet is on a specific number coming up on any of the three dice. The payout varies depending on if it comes up more than once. 

For example, you can bet on 3. If it appears on one of the dice, you get paid at 1/1; if it appears twice, you get paid at 2/1; and if it appears on all three, you get paid at 12/1.

See the issue with single bets? The dice could land 3-3-3 for a payout at 12/1. But if you had bet on a triple, you would get paid at 30/1. 

And if you had bet on the specific triple of 3-3-3, you’d be paid at 180/1! But that’s just one of the ways Sic Bo is such a fascinating game to play

Strategy and tips

Sic Bo is a game of chance – as soon as the dice are rolled, your fate is in the lap of the dice gods!

Ignore websites and people who promise you cheat sheets and a sure-fire way to win – it just doesn’t exist.

However, here are three ways to give yourself the best chance of winning at Sic Bo:

Even money bets offer the best value. Betting on scenarios where the payout is 1/1 gives you the best value. These include betting on big and small, and odd and even. The house edge is only 2.78% on these wagers.

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Rolling a triple offers you the chance of a big payday – usually 180/1 – but the true odds are 215/1. 

And some Macau casinos only offer 150/1 – giving them a house advantage of 30%!

Consider two dice combinations bets as the odds are a decent 6/1 – very close to the actual odds of 31/5. 

Remember, the dice are random! Think objectively – just because the number 5 has come up six rounds in succession does not mean it is more or less likely to come up the next round. Every roll of the dice is random.

Try out Sic Bo for free and discover a way of playing that suits your style. Good luck!

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Sic Bo Frequently Asked Questions

Sic Bo is a game of chance played with three dice. You just bet on what numbers or combinations you think will appear when the dice are rolled. Think of Sic Bo as a game of roulette that uses dice instead of the wheel.

If you play Sic Bo at a reputable online casino, then no. All trusted crypto casinos on Gambling Crypt use random number generators, guaranteeing fair and random results.

Sic Bo has a house edge (an advantage), so you are more likely than not to lose money in the long term. But by sticking to even money bets and two dice combination bets, you are sticking to the two bets that offer the odds closest to the real odds. Don’t get seduced by big payout bets as the house edge is too big.