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Dai is not as famous as other stablecoins like USDT and USDC, but with a market cap of around $5 billion, it’s hardly a minor player in the cryptocurrency world.

Are you looking to bet with Dai? Then you have come to the right place, as Gambling Crypt has some excellent options for you. Deposit with Dai and play thousands of the best casino games today. Take advantage of this token’s stability and easy-to-manage price point.

Here’s our Dai gambling guide!

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Guide to Dai Gambling 

Guide to Dai casinos

DAI Casinos: Stability Meets Decentralisation in Online Gambling

DAI, an Ethereum-based stablecoin, has carved a unique niche in the cryptocurrency world by offering the stability of fiat currencies with the decentralization and flexibility of digital assets. 

Unlike other notable stablecoins such as Tether and USD Coin, which are backed by fiat currencies and other assets like bonds and US treasuries, DAI maintains its peg to the US dollar through a novel approach. It is collateralized not by traditional assets but by a mix of other cryptocurrencies deposited into smart-contract vaults, making it an intriguing option for crypto enthusiasts and online gamblers alike.

The creation and governance of DAI diverge from the conventional model of cryptocurrency development, which often involves a single person or a group of founders. Instead, DAI operates under the auspices of MakerDAO and the Maker Protocol—innovative structures that represent the essence of decentralized finance (DeFi). MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, functions through self-enforcing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, autonomously executing operations and governance decisions.

This democratic governance model allows holders of Maker (MKR) governance tokens to vote on key decisions impacting the development and operational nuances of MakerDAO, Maker Protocol, and DAI itself. Their influence is proportional to their MKR holdings, akin to shareholders in a traditional company. This system was conceived by Rune Christensen, a Danish entrepreneur with a background in biochemistry and international business, who founded MakerDAO in 2015, marking a significant milestone in the DeFi movement.

For the crypto casino industry, DAI presents an appealing option. DAI casinos leverage the stablecoin’s price stability, ensuring that players’ deposits and winnings retain consistent value against the US dollar, free from the volatility often associated with other cryptocurrencies. 

Furthermore, DAI’s decentralised nature and underlying technology offer a transparent and secure framework for transactions, enhancing the trust and safety of online gambling platforms.

As DAI continues to play a pioneering role in the DeFi space, its adoption in crypto casinos is set to increase. DAI casinos offer players a stable, secure, and decentralized option for their gambling activities. This melding of stability and decentralization embodies the evolving landscape of online gambling, where DAI casinos stand at the intersection of financial innovation and entertainment.

Advantages of a Dai Casino

Easy coin management

One issue with playing with big cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos is that it’s hard to quickly work out how much you are depositing and playing with every time. If you deposit 0.0002 Bitcoin, how easily can you know how much that is worth in fiat currency when the price fluctuates daily?

If you have 0.0005 ETH in your account on any given day, the price could rise or fall by 10%. This makes it hard to give value to each deposit and withdrawal.

At Dai Casinos, it’s easy. 100 DAI is $100, no matter what happens to the crypto market. Playing with stablecoins can prevent reckless betting, as you will never forget the value of your deposit. It helps with responsible gaming. 

Great Dai Casino choices

Until recently, Dai was not found at many casinos. However, now that some of the biggest names in crypto casino offer Dai as a payment option, we expect more casinos to get in on the action.

Just across these three casinos, visitors can play and bet for real money on thousands of slot machine games, jackpot slots, live casino games, and crypto Provably Fair games like Plinko, Crash, and Dice.

Enjoy a huge table game offering, including Sic Bo, Baccarat (the new game Dai Bacc, too), roulette, blackjack, video poker, and much more—just like being on a Las Vegas casino floor.

Low withdrawal fees

Withdrawals from Betfury using Dai via the Polygon network to your crypto wallet are as low as 0.05 Dai, not bad if you are withdrawing thousands!

It’s decentralised

Many don’t like stablecoins like Tether as they are highly centralised. Dai is the largest decentralised stablecoin and fits in with the philosophy of freedom from power. No central organisation is holding sway over the coins, and everything is very transparent, unlike Tether, which refuses to audit its accounts publicly.

But note that any responsible gaming operator must ask every player for a valid ID at times, so it’s not anonymous gambling.

Disadvantages of Dai Casinos

Few options

While we think anyone looking for Dai sites will be happy with the choices we have at Gambling Crypt, it’s still only three casinos, and we know you love a wider selection of online casino games and live game sites to bet at.

At present, it’s just not as popular as other stablecoins. If you are looking for more crypto gambling options with stablecoins, check out our Tether casinos, Bitcoin Cash casinos, and USDC casinos.

Not backed by fiat assets

Unlike the titans of the stablecoin world, the DAI is backed by other crypto assets rather than fiat assets. This can be risky as the crypto market is very volatile, and there was a brief scare when Ethereum lost a third of its value earlier this year. While Dai is a success story so far, there is always a fear that if the crypto market were to really crash, how safe would your Dai be?

However, Dai is now buying much more USDC to counter this.

Dai Casino Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, Gambling Crypt has the best casinos that accept DAI as a payment method. You can deposit, play, and withdraw funds using your DAI.

USDT has a far bigger market cap than Dai and is much better known. However, many people prefer Dai as it’s more transparent and stays closer to the original aims of cryptocurrency – to be free from centralised control.

If you choose the right one! Gambling Crypt has three licensed Dai sites. This means the casino is regulated, trusted to pay out, protects your personal and payment info, and only hosts fair games. Don’t just trust any old casino; play the right way at Gambling Crypt. Always look out for a licensed DAI crypto casino.