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EOS is a potent product for the crypto casino world. Not only are more casinos accepting the coin, but the platform also supports the deployment of exciting Dapps, which could revolutionize online casinos.

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What is

EOS is slightly different to some cryptocurrencies you may know about. EOS is a blockchain platform designed to make it easy for developers to create decentralized apps or Dapps. 

It launched in June 2018, intending to create a blockchain that’s easier to use than rivals like Ethereum. Tools and educational resources support developers looking to make Dapps fast. 

Think of the EOS platform as an operating system akin to Windows or Linux. developed this platform with Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer authoring the company’s white paper. is involved in the project, and token holders can vote for block producers, on protocol upgrades and more. The company’s involvement has led to accusations the project is too centralized.

EOS, the coin, powers the blockchain.

EOS casinos

EOS versus fiat currency

Back in June 2018, the token was launched with an initial price of around $12. Since then, the price has fluctuated quite a bit, with some major highs and lows. In April 2019, it hit its highest price so far, reaching around $8.59.

However, it didn’t maintain that momentum, and later in the year, the price dropped to around $2.50 in October 2019. By March 2020, it had made a bit of a comeback, hovering around $3.50. But then, like so many other cryptocurrencies, the value dropped significantly in the following months due to the pandemic-induced economic downturn.

In early 2021, the price of EOS was around $3.50 once again, and as of March 2023, it was down to around $1.30. It’s important to remember that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so trying to predict future prices can be a bit of a gamble.

EOS Gambling Dapps

Decentralized applications (Dapps) are digital applications or programs that exist and run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer (P2P) network of computers instead of a single computer. 

Popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are centralized apps controlled by a single entity. 

Dapps, meanwhile, are outside the control of a single authority and are being created on the EOS, Ethereum and other blockchains for a variety of reasons, including finance, gaming, and crypto gambling.

The key benefits of Dapps include user privacy, lack of censorship, and development potential. Dapps use smart contracts to complete any transactions between two anonymous parties without the need to rely on a central authority.

Dapps are an option for customers looking to enjoy real anonymous crypto gambling.

No one quite knows how popular gambling Dapps will become, and the market is very fluid – some Dapps enjoy a splurge in popularity before fading away as users lose interest and move on to other Dapps.

Advantages of EOS Casinos

Wager on poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, slots, hilo, lotteries etc

New players can claim EOS casino bonuses to enjoy a whole load of casino games. Start your casino adventure at Trust Dic, for example, with a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus you claim with your first EOS deposit. Stake Casino is another great site to use your tokens.

You’ll find thousands of casino games, like table games, online slots from the likes of Playtech, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, live casino games, video poker, hilo, and even lotteries!

Fast and cheap transfers on the blockchain

Transactions on the EOS blockchain are lightning-fast, with confirmation times typically taking just a few seconds. This is thanks to the platform’s delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism, which allows for rapid transaction processing.

But that’s not all – EOS transaction fees are also incredibly affordable. Due to the platform’s high throughput and efficient design, users can send transactions for just a fraction of a cent. This makes the token a great choice for decentralized applications that require frequent, small transactions, such as online gambling.

Overall, this is a powerful and efficient blockchain platform that offers lightning-fast transactions and low fees. Whether you’re a developer or want to play at EOS casinos, the coin is a great choice if you are looking to transact quickly and affordably on the blockchain.

DApps Scalability

DApps, or decentralized applications, are a type of software application that runs on a decentralized network, such as the EOS blockchain. These applications operate within the blockchain’s ecosystem, utilizing the network’s decentralized infrastructure to offer users a variety of functions and services.

DApps on the EOS blockchain, in particular, are known for their speed and scalability, making them ideal for crypto gaming and gambling, plus social media applications. Some popular examples of DApps on the blockchain include, BetHash and BapBet.

The decentralized nature of DApps on the EOS casinos blockchain also ensures that they are more secure and resistant to censorship than traditional centralized applications, making them a popular choice for many crypto gamblers. They offer new experiences, lower house edges, and are impossible to be manipulated.

Provably Fair games 

Provably Fair games are a type of online game that uses a cryptographic algorithm to ensure that the game is fair and that neither the player nor the game operator can cheat. These games work by using a complex algorithm to generate a random number that is used to determine the outcome of each game. This random number is then hashed and displayed to the player before the game begins.

To ensure fairness, the player has access to the unhashed random number, as well as the game algorithm, which they can use to verify that the game is indeed fair. If the player is satisfied that the game is fair, they can then place their bet and play the game.

Provably Fair games are becoming increasingly popular in the online gaming community, with many players opting to play these games over traditional online games. With the added assurance that the game is fair, provably fair games offer players a more transparent and enjoyable gaming experience. So, the next time you’re looking to play an online game, consider trying out a provably fair game for a truly fair and exciting experience.

An algorithm that the player can verify ensures no cheating is possible. You can be confident your game is fair and random, a concern at dodgy crypto casinos. 

Disadvantages and Cons of EOS Casinos 

Other cryptocurrencies more widely accepted

While EOS is a well-known cryptocurrency with a lot of potential, EOS casinos have struggled to gain the same level of popularity as other cryptocurrencies at crypto casinos, such as Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum. One reason for this is that the EOS network is still relatively new when compared to its more established counterparts. BTC, Litecoin, and Ethereum have been around for much longer and have had more time to gain the trust and confidence of casino players. 

Another reason why it may be less popular is that it has faced some controversy in the past, particularly surrounding its initial coin offering (ICO). Some investors in digital currencies were concerned about the distribution of coins, which led to doubts about the fairness of the ICO process.

Very centralized crypto platform

The company platform has certainly garnered plenty of criticism since it was launched, with many experts pointing fingers at its allegedly centralized structure. While the platform is known for its remarkable speed and scalability when it comes to handling transactions, its centralization is what some view as its biggest downfall.

At the heart of the issue is the fact that it’s structured around a small group of 21 block producers, each of whom is responsible for validating transactions and maintaining the network’s security. Many critics argue that this setup is inherently centralized and that it leaves room for a select group of actors to manipulate the network at will. The high costs of running a node (being a producer) lock out people from participating. This has led to fears of collusion and the formation of cartels. 

While this might sound concerning, it’s worth noting that the creators insist that there is a system of checks and balances in place that ensures that no single producer wields too much power over the network. For example, block producers are only elected for short terms, and there are mechanisms in place to monitor their activities and hold them accountable.

Still, some remain sceptical about the platform’s underlying structure, and it’s clear that the centralization debate is likely to continue as long as the business remains a high-profile player in the blockchain space. Whether EOS casinos are a long-term project remains to be seen.

What’s the best EOS casino?

We recommend Stake Casino and Trust Dice as EOS casinos. Not only are they two of the biggest and best crypto casinos, but they accept a wide range of different coins and are known for their fairness and safety.

Stake crypto and sports

EOS Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

EOS casinos are crypto casinos that accept EOS as a payment method. This means that players can enjoy decentralized gaming experiences that are trustless and transparent, with no need for intermediaries like banks or payment processors.

To get started at an EOS casino, you will need an EOS wallet and tokens. You can create an EOS wallet using a number of different tools, and you can purchase EOS tokens on a variety of different cryptocurrency exchanges. Once you have your wallet set up and your tokens in hand, you can start playing EOS games right away.

EOS casinos offer a number of advantages over traditional online gaming, including faster and cheaper transactions, greater autonomy and control for players, and increased transparency and accountability. Because EOS casinos are tied to the blockchain, it is also more resistant to fraud and hacking, making it a safer and more secure way to play online. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of online gaming, EOS casinos are definitely worth checking out.