Best Ripple Casinos 2023


Ignore Ripple’s legal issues and controversies; XRP is particularly well-suited to crypto gambling. 

While it’s not every crypto coin investor’s favourite token, many of the top crypto casinos accept Ripple. So, if you have some Ripple and are looking to bolster your wallet, consider these Ripple casinos.

Top Ripple Casino List

Guide to Ripple Casinos

Ripple casinos guide

What’s Ripple

First things first. Ripple is the name of a rapidly growing payments company. The Ripple token or coin is called XRP. 

Ripple was created to be a fast, less costly and more scalable alternative to other digital assets (like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) and existing monetary platforms, chiefly the SWIFT network. We’ll use Ripple and XRP interchangeably throughout this page. 

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Ripple is centralized, which is why there is opposition to it in the crypto world. And XRP cannot be mined. All XRP was pre-mined, meaning the 100 billion XRP tokens were created when the XRP ledger was released in 2013.

Ripple itself owns 6% of that total, with nearly 50% of the total held in reserve for regular release into the crypto market. 

This setup has also been criticized. Many worry about Ripple owning so much XRP, while others have concerns that a lot of XRP could be released at once, flooding the market and driving the price down. 

This scheme also caught the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in America. The SEC argues that because Ripple decides when to release XRP, this should be registered as a security.

This case is ongoing, and until it’s resolved, it will slow down institutional use of the system. Many leading exchanges have stopped trading XRP as a result. US investors cannot buy it at all. 

However, many analysts predict a positive outcome during 2022 for Ripple – watch this space.

How much is XRP worth?

XRP has been as high as $3 for a short period in 2018 but has fallen below a dollar as of March 2022. 

Ripple isn’t easy to buy and sell anymore, which affects the price. But it’s another reason why it’s an excellent token to gamble with – there’s not much else you can do with it!

Benefits of Ripple Casinos

Here are the key advantages of Ripple Casinos for players: 

Free withdrawals – Ripple transfers are as close to zero as you can get in the crypto world. The best Ripple casinos won’t charge you for withdrawals.

Extremely fast – XRP transfers are well-renowned for their speed, making them an ideal coin for casinos. 

Small deposits welcome – Ripple is suitable for both small-staking casino players and those with bigger bankrolls. Most major Ripple casinos have a minimum deposit of around 40-40 XRP. 

Excellent network – the Ripple network is used by companies like American Express and TransferGo, and major banks like Santander and Bank of America. It’s incredibly reliable. 

Stable and well-respected – while XRP has had its fair share of legal issues, no one doubts that Ripple is run by some of the sharpest minds in the business. XRP is relatively stable, certainly compared to other crypto coins.

Fiat providers accept Ripple – Neteller and Skrill are two examples of significant fiat payment processors that take XRP. This provides an alternative way to gamble at Ripple casinos as you can find crypto casinos that accept Neteller and Skrill and then fund your account with your Ripple.

Drawbacks of Ripple Casinos 

Nothing in life is perfect! Here are the potential negatives of using Ripple at crypto casinos. 

Less privacy – XRP isn’t a privacy coin in the way Bitcoin and Ethereum are. Many people are suspicious of what is viewed as a centralized setup, with the owners having most of the XRP. 

Fewer Ripple Casinos exist – crypto casinos that accept Ripple are not great in number. It’s easier to play with Bitcoin or Ethereum.  

UPDATE – we have discovered and rated many more casinos that accept XRP since we first published this piece. Now enjoy even more Ripple casinos!

XRP can’t be bought easily – because of legal issues in the USA, Ripple has been removed from many leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and US residents can’t buy it. Most of the XRP supply is under the control of Ripple itself too. 

Ripple Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Several quality Ripple casinos exist. Find them here at Gambling Crypt and enjoy gambling on slots, table games, live casinos and more safely and securely.

Because Ripple fees are so incredibly low, most casinos that accept Ripple don’t charge a fee for withdrawing funds to an XRP wallet.

Here are Gambling Crypt’s favorite XRP casinos – Stake and BC.Game.