Best Solana Casinos 2023


Solana has been tipped by many to be one of the biggest risers in the crypto world during 2022. 

Here we list some of the few casinos that accept Solana so that you can enjoy safe and secure crypto gambling with one of the hottest tokens around right now!

Top Solana Casinos List

Guide to Solana Gambling

Guide to Solana gambling

What’s Solana?

Solana is now one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around. Officially, the cryptocurrency platform is called Solana, while the individual token or currency unit is called a sol. We use the terms interchangeably throughout this guide. 

Like other blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, etc.) Solana operates on a decentralized computer network. The blockchain manages and tracks the currency, recording every transaction that’s ever occurred. 

Created by Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana bills itself as the fastest blockchain globally, with the ability to verify 65,000 transactions per second at the cost of much less than a penny each. This is far better than other leading cryptos and is attractive to crypto gamblers looking for speed. 

Solana is more than just a cryptocurrency. It can power smart contracts, create decentralized apps or Dapps for finance, gambling and more, plus support non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Many see it as a legitimate rival to Ethereum, and 2022 promises to be a big year for Solana.

But, before you get your hopes up about gambling with Solana, be aware it’s very much in its infancy as a token accepted by crypto casinos. We hope this will change soon, but there is not a massive choice for players right now. 

SOL and fiat currency

Fiat currency is the euros, dollars, sterling etc., that you use in everyday life to buy groceries, settle bills etc., and are currencies issued and supported by governments and central banks.

Solana is a decentralized currency without the backing of central governmental institutions. But SOL’s value is inextricably tied to that of leading fiat currencies, most notably the dollar.

The SOL rose to an all-time high of just over $258 in November 2011, mirroring the rise of other crypto coins. But, as of January 2022, it is trading at around $130. 

Still, that means Solana has a market cap of approximately $32 billion and huge daily trade volumes of about $4 billion.

Advantages of Solana Casinos

Speed and minimal fees

Solana handles tens of thousands of transactions a second, giving it a significant advantage over the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

This speed makes it an obvious choice for online casinos. Instant deposits and withdrawals are a benefit for any crypto casino player.

Transaction fees are basically free (roughly $0.00025 per transaction), which gives it more appeal than other cryptocurrencies with hefty gas fees.

Big backers

Solana’s value has risen astronomically in the last year. Many intelligent investors and cryptocurrency experts see this blockchain as becoming a legitimate competitor to the bigger and more widely-used Ethereum network.

With the backing of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and other large institutional investors, Solana looks likely to continue to make a splash.

Smart casinos

Casinos that accept Solana are forward-thinking, dynamic, and should be applauded for being the first to implement Solana payment options. 

With their almost non-existent fees, Solana casinos can typically offer better odds and afford lower house edges on their games because they save so much in payment fees.

You can find unique games with ultra-low house edges, excellent VIP programmes, and even sports betting at the best Solana casinos. 

We would expect Solana gambling Dapps to grow this year, offering players even more Solana gambling options. 

You’re doing the environment a favor

One of the biggest threats to cryptocurrencies becoming more widely accepted is their poor environmental record. 

You have probably read about how energy-intensive crypto mining is, with Bitcoin having a carbon footprint equivalent to whole nations.

Well, Solana can’t be mined and is not resource-intensive. It’s dangerous to label any cryptocurrency ‘environmentally friendly’, but Solana certainly stands out as a much cleaner crypto token than most of its peers. 

Disadvantages of Solana Casinos 

Less player choice

We touched upon this in our introduction. The reality is there are only around a handful of casinos that accept Solana online, and they are hard to find.

The good news is we have listed the best ones on this page. Unlike other casino comparison sites that blindly list crypto casinos and misrepresent what tokens they actually accept, these casinos accept Solana.

More good news – as Solana continues to grow from strength to strength, we would expect some of the bigger crypto casinos to start accepting it soon. 

So look out during 2022! We’ll update our site with more Solana casinos when this happens.  

Price volatility

Solana has been on a value rollercoaster since SOL launched. From a low of $0.04 to a high over $250 and back down to its current price (March 2022) of around $100, Solana is not immune from price swings that affect other crypto tokens.

Be aware when you make a deposit, it might not be worth the same as when you are looking to withdraw. But this applies to all cryptocurrencies, and the speculation is part of the thrill.

Usually, your Solana deposit will be tied to a dollar amount which protects you against big price swings. 

Solana scam sites

All crypto fans know the risk of scams and fraud is very real in this growing space. Crypto gambling is not immune from this, and anything that involves decentralized blockchains operated without any central control is a scammer’s wet dream.

Playing at a genuine crypto site is essential. Remember, there is no way you can get any funds back once you have transferred them in the crypto world, so make sure you are playing at a trusted site.

Gambling Crypt is a passionate believer in fair gambling and only features trusted cryptocurrency casinos. 

Solana Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Solana certainly has advantages over Ethereum. Namely, it can process upwards of 50,000 transactions a second, and transactions are essentially free. Ethereum is plagued by high gas fees and lower transaction abilities. But Ethereum is the more valuable coin and is more popular for making smart contracts and Dapps.

The number one consideration for crypto casino players is choosing a trusted casino. Gambling Crypt only features secure, reputable sites with fair games and trusted payment options. You can find hand-selected safe Solana casinos on this page.

The top Solana casinos offer everything you would expect from other online casinos – the latest slots, table games, live casino, and more. At some Solana casinos, you can find new games built on blockchain which offer exceptionally low house edges, unique gambling concepts, and privacy-focused gambling.