Best New Crypto Casinos 2023


There are around 3,000 online casinos with new brands and sites popping up all the time. Crypto casinos are the fastest-growing in the gambling space. How can you know which is a trusted site and which to avoid? 

Here Gambling Crypt lists the newest casinos that accept cryptocurrency to have hit the market. We’ve played at them, enjoyed them, and invite you to join the action today!

Top new crypto casinos

What to look for at new crypto casinos?

Gambling Crypt believes the most critical thing about new casinos is their ability to pay out big prizes. Imagine scooping a life-changing sum of money, and the casino couldn’t afford to pay you?

You’d be furious and devastated. Unfortunately, unless you have access to the casino’s accounts, there is no way you can know how healthy their bank balance is.

Before you sign up for a new casino, try and find a licensed one. Be wary of joining a casino that isn’t licensed anywhere. Crypto casinos featured at Gambling Crypt are usually licensed in Malta and Curacao. 

Malta licenses are better than Curacao casinos. If the Malta Gaming Authority has issued a new crypto casino a license, they must have proved they can operate successfully. And that they have enough of a bankroll to survive if the casino has to pay out some big winners early on.

New Curacao casinos should be treated more carefully, and we would not recommend depositing large sums of crypto until the casino has established a good reputation with you. 

We have played at every new casino on Gambling Crypt, but we cannot guarantee our experience will be the same as yours.

How we rate new crypto casinos

There are the things we consider with a new casino: 

Game choice

How many games and how many providers does the casino offer? New casinos may only have a small selection of games to launch with. There’s little point in joining a new casino if the game choice is worse than where you are already playing.

We want to see an extensive library of slots, scores of table games, and lots of live casino streams. Naturally, you want to see the big game providers represented. Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, iSoftBet, Elk Gaming and Blueprint Gaming are just a few examples of leading game studios. 

Crypto casinos are also offering Provably Fair games. These are 100% secure and random games that give players new gambling opportunities across games with ultra-low house edges. New crypto casinos with Provably Fair games score highly. 

Payment methods 

Like game choice, regular new casinos can be hampered with fewer payment options than more prominent names. It’s harder for new brands to negotiate competitive rates. 

But new crypto casinos shouldn’t have that problem. Implementing multiple crypto coins as payment options is not hard, and the best-rated crypto casinos offer many different tokens.

At a minimum, we want to see the leading two, Bitcoin and Ethereum. But you can find Monero, Cardano, Tether, Tron, Ripple and more casinos at Gambling Crypt. A new casino offering at least five cryptos will consistently score more highly than one with minimal options.  

It’s not every player’s wish, but sometimes it’s also good to have fiat options to fall back on, such as Visa and MasterCard, a choice of e-wallets, and preferably an instant banking option. 

Fast withdrawals

New casinos can have a reputation for being slow payers. Naturally, they are afraid they will be targeted by dodgy players looking to exploit any holes in the site’s security processes. 

Completely anonymous crypto gambling at safe casinos is essentially a myth unless you want to be restricted to many unadventurous Dapps and potentially dangerous sites. Most new crypto casinos will have some form of verification process before you make a withdrawal to comply with various legal obligations.

We get this. And we understand it. So a copy of your ID and proof of address is an acceptable demand. Less so if they make you take selfies with the day’s newspaper! 

And once verification is complete, we want withdrawals to be fast and unlimited without unfair charges. Crypto withdrawals should be almost instant – it’s literally the minimum we expect from a new crypto casino!

Fair promotions

Casinos bonus abusers are a real problem for casinos. New casinos are particularly vulnerable to this, so we are relaxed about reasonable wagering requirements. However, promotions, particularly sign-up bonuses, with ridiculous wagering requirements and other long terms, exclusions, and limits are not welcome here. They offer zero value to the player and waste everyone’s time.

New crypto casinos have the opportunity to break the mold with respect to casino promotions. We are finding great promos that come without wagering requirements, incredibly richly-endowed tournaments, and high-value cashback schemes. 

Latest technology

Blockchain technology has terrific benefits. Crypto casinos should be leveraging these with their products. Here are a few ways the blockchain can benefit online casino players: enhanced security, Provably Fair games, smart contracts, impressive efficiency and speed, true transparency and traceability, and decentralization. 

Good customer service

Most new casinos today do launch with a live chat function. And with new casinos, things are bound to go wrong, or situations happen where you need a quick answer. Good customer service is therefore vital. 

We want polite, knowledgeable, and responsive staff on hand to help us if anything goes wrong. Email-only support is not really good enough in 2022. Bonus points are added for multiple language support. 

Benefits of new crypto casinos

More likely to be using the latest technology – faster performance, easier sign-ups, Provably Fair games, lower house edge, higher RTPs etc.

Coin options – New casinos often trial payment methods and tokens that you don’t commonly find elsewhere.

Higher value bonuses – used to attract customers. Some of these even come without wagering requirements. 

Innovative promotions and tournaments – these help the casino and stand out from the competition.

Easy transactions – lightning-fast payment processing thanks to the blockchain. 

Open to (nearly) everyone – cross-border discrimination is a thing of the past as players can sign-up and deposit from almost every country in the world. Very few states explicitly outlaw cryptocurrencies and even fewer crypto gambling.

Drawbacks of new crypto casinos

Might not be 100% perfect – like anything new, there may still be flaws in the product.

Can you trust them to pay out? – hard to know for sure that if you win big, you will be paid out. 

Unfair terms – Promotions may come with exhaustive terms and conditions as the casino is paranoid about attracting bonus hunters and abusers.

New crypto casinos versus old casinos

You can see some of the benefits and drawbacks of new crypto casinos above. Ultimately, the decision on what casino to join is yours. Gambling Crypt has a wide range of crypto casinos for you to choose from – both newer names and more well-known casinos.

Older, more established casinos may offer more stability and security, having built up a reputation over many years. 

But success breeds complacency, and new casinos give you the chance of finding a new buzz.

The crypto gambling space is moving at a rapid speed. Older casinos are under pressure to keep up with exciting new developments and token adoption by younger upstarts. 

New Crypto Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Be careful is our advice. New casinos haven’t had time to build up a trusted reputation, and scam sites exist. We would recommend making small deposits to begin with until you have established they are genuine. New casinos at Gambling Crypt have been tested and have paid out winnings without issues or delays.

Not if a genuine gaming authority licenses them. Nearly all casinos use games from legitimate third-party providers. These are not rigged and cannot be manipulated. A new casino offering in-house games could theoretically rig them, but this isn’t a worry if they host Provably Fair games. Most casinos make enough money without even needing to consider rigging their games or cheating their players in other ways.

There is a misconception that it’s easier to win at new casinos as they have ‘looser’ tables and games to attract new players. This myth primarily comes from the fact that new players always remember their first nice win at a new casino. While game RTPs and house edge can change from casino to casino depending on the game, there is no evidence that it’s easier to win at a new casino than an older one.